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Research and Design Grants

ZLI currently offers three different types of research and design grants. If you would like to discuss options for setting a new grant or scholarship program, please contact our Development team via email:


Grants In Aid of Research (GIAR)

ZLI offers annual grant opportunities for early-career researchers focused on studying the importance of light conditions on organisms. ZLI offers twelve $500 grants across each of its three core research areas, adding a special award to encourage inclusion and diversity within the sciences. These grants and others like them are necessary, as natural light is arguably the most important environmental factor for animals and ecosystems.

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Kenneth A. Mitchell Extended Family Design Grants

ZLI seeks to encourage consideration of natural light, wildlife conservation and animal welfare to benefit people’s every day lives. Kenneth A. Mitchell, a generous actor and award winning landscape architect, provides a model for our recipients to put family first and accommodate life in their designs.

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Sustainable Fashion Design Grants

ZLI offers funds to fashion design students grant monies in advance of design work, so that they might best consider issues of light, animals and biodiversity as they develop in the fashion industry. ZLI’s Framework defines categories in photobiology that include physiology (light within an individual body as a physical thing), the senses (vision, color and spatial mapping) and macro ecology (the relationships of light to animal interactions across space and time). 

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    Natural light is essential to all life
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