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Volunteer Service

The Zoological Lighting Institute (ZLI) is the only charity of its kind in the world. Our unique mission is to pursue the work that a for-profit company would not be able to. We provide information, tools and solutions for businesses and governments to ensure sustainable and wildlife-friendly development.

For-profit companies need communities, communities need wildlife, and wildlife needs natural light; we are here to ensure that this is not only understood, but acted upon for the economic, cultural and environmental benefits of all life on this planet. Many companies will support their employers, by facilitating volunteer service to charity on a regular basis.  Find out today if you are eligible to recieve such support, we would be happy to welcome your service!

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ZLI GIAR Awards, ZALA Stations, AWASH, PhotoDiversity Films

We offer three levels of memberships for like-minded individuals and organizations to join our global community. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits, while helping to fund research:

  • Fund / Sponsor a Grants in Aid of Research (GIAR)
  • Fund / Sponsor/ Host a ZALA  Animal Welfare Monitoring Station
  • Fund / Sponsor/ Host an AWASH (Animal Welfare Assessment Studio Hosting) Educational Program 
    • Fashion - Architecture - Product
  • Donate To / Invest In / Join as Team a PhotoDiversity Anime Eco-Documentary
    • Beached: The Afterlife of Whales
    • Bearanoia: Of Faith and Trust
    • Healthy Glow:  The Aurora of Sharks 
    • Insect Apocalypse: Fruit of Vine and Slope
    • Otohime’s Time: Ue and Arriba
    • Save a Billion Birds!: Golondrinas

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    Natural light is essential to all life
Let's light up the scientific path towards a brighter future!