What We Do

Supporting the Sciences of Light and Life Through the Arts For Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation.


Our Key Areas
We connect the dots between science, arts, and wildlife conservation through these 4 key areas

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Photo Sciences Research

Data-driven science leads to better decisions, healthier animals and improved wildlife conservation. ZLI funds research, and seeks to establish light monitoring stations in aquariums, zoos, science museums and ‘in the field’ to revolutionize animal care and conservation.

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Film & Media

Our Documentaries, Features and PSA's create and connect engaged audiences around the themes of animals and light. Engagement fosters empathy for life, healtier living and community pride in the accomplishments this enables.

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Sustainable Design

Our Sustainable Design Department fosters creative solutions to living with wildlife naturally. Spanning fashion, product, light and architectural design, the Sustainable Design Department seeks partnerships with the creative fields to protect the natural luminous environment, and to help people escape the anxieties that prevent it.

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Education empowers empathy for animals and wildlife. Education is the first defense against poverty, extinction and climate change. ZLI Education offers coursework at the K12, Adult and Professional levels, to change the world properly.

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Our Campaigns
We generate real change through these life-saving initiatives


Saving whales and dolphins

Beached Campaign

Saving cetaceans through science,
to combat bigotry!

Beached™ supports research into whale and dolphins photobiology, with emphasis on those animals found nearest to our coasts. The Campaign celebrates the complexity of human relationships with whales and dolphins, pursuing a much needed diversity, engagement and inclusion approach.

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Saving bears

Bearanoia Campaign

Saving bears through science,
to support mental health!

Bearanoia™ supports research in the photobiology of bears, emphasizing health aspects related to the cyclical changes in natural light over days, months and seasons. The Campaign addresses familiar behavioral changes in managed care (e.g. repetitive pacing and bear rocking), to explore connections between the luminous environment and behavior. 

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Saving sharks

Healthy Glow Campaign

Saving sharks through science,
to improve reproductive health!

The Healthy Glow Campaign™ supports research that focuses on relationships of environmental light with biological reproduction. The Campaign pursues program goals and partnerships directly aligned with medical and physical well being related to light and lighting.

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Saving bees and other insects

Insect Apocalypse


Saving insects through science,
to combat hunger!

Insect Apocalypse™ supports entomological research in the photo-physiology, sensory ecology and integrative biology-ecology of insects. Insect Apocalypse™ is in particular concerned with issues of food security related to the devastating decline of insect populations globally.

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Saving sea turtles

Otohime's Time


Saving sea turtle through science,
to embrace all ages of life!

Otohime's Time™ supports sea turtle research in the photobiology, sensory ecology and macro-ecology of the world's seven species of sea turtles. It also emphasizes the value of time for animals (including humans) and wildlife conservation, at every life stage. 

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Saving birds

Save a Billion Birds


Saving birds through science,
pursuing global justice.

Save a Billion Birds™ supports research offering programs to protect birds from major threats in our homes and communities. It particularly focuses on habitat relationships across northern and southern hemispheres, and seeks to end bird collisions with glass windows through sustainable design planning.

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