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ZLI's Otohime’s Time™ Campaign supports sea turtle research in the photobiology, sensory ecology and macro-ecology of the world’s seven species of sea turtles. The effects of coastal lighting on sea turtle hatchlings and laying mothers is a familiar subject, as are the effects of plastics in the ocean. Yet in order to understand the attraction and repulsion of animals from light sources, biologists use physical lighting metrics far different from those used by developers, architects and the industry norms set by the Illumination Engineers Society (IES). The Campaign stresses physical optics as an alternative to IES norms, as a way to advocate for wildlife-friendly design.

Taking inspiration from the Japanese legend of Urashima Taro, and the divine undersea goddess ‘Otohime’, the Campaign also emphasizes the challenges of time for wildlife conservation. Otohime’s Time™ does this in two ways. First, it raises awareness of the ecological importance of the entire life cycle of sea turtles and not simply their earliest moments. Second, the Campaign seeks to improve science by expanding public awareness of ‘tipping points’, the idea that there is a point past which life cannot rebound.

Read the recent press release about the campaign: "ZLI's Otohime's Time Campaign Celebrates Animals of All Ages".

Help us fund the sciences of light and life to save animals and protect our environment!


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There are several ways you can support ZLI and the Otohime's Time™ Campaign

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Photo Sciences Research

Help ZLI fund and pursue research through scholarships, research programs, post-doctorates, research labs and endowed professorship.

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Film & Media

Help ZLI fund the upcoming documentary A Sea Turtle's Phenology, which explores the fascinating world of sea turtle photobiology, how the natural cycles of night and day both over and under the sea enliven these beautiful creatures

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Sustainable Design

Live sustainably for sea turtles by supporting our wildlife-friendly design planning services (lighting, architecture, and engineering), participating in our sustainable fashion initiatives (proceeds go towards supporting sea turtle research), as well as by investing in and purchasing sustainable products. 

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Explore the world of sea turtles responsibly by signing up for one of ZLI's educational tours (re-starting in 2021), and/or join a Arriba Tours Swim and Dive excursion, or a Follow the Leatherback tour.

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Supporting the Sciences of Light and Life Through the Arts For Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation.

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We welcome you to become part of our global community of volunteers, partners, sponsors, and other supporters. Together, we can shape the future today!

Did you know a group of turtles are called a bale, nest, turn or dole? There is so much we can learn about and from sea turtles. Join the Otohime's Time™ Campaign today to learn more!

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Become part of our global community of staff, advisors, interns and volunteers. Together, we can shape the future today!

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