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Sustainable Design Components


ZLI's Sustainable Design Department operates under the assumption that natural light is vital to all life on the planet. It stresses judicious control of artificial light, and creative exploration of new ways living with wildlife under more natural lighting conditions.

The Sustainable Design department has three related components:

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Wildlife-Friendly Design

Our wildlife-friendly design services offer data-driven risk management oriented design services, in accord with our mission to support the sciences through the arts for wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

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Photo Diversity™ Sustainable Fashion

ZLI's PhotoDiversity™ Sustainable Fashion programs are dedicated to working with creative arts to explore how people might better live within natural light, night and day, stressing a diversity, engagement and inclusion ethic.

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Creative Photo Diversity™ Products & Toys

Creative industrialists welcome here! ZLI seeks to advance technology, products and entertainments that foster scientific investigation and make possible living well within naturally lit environments.

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"Supporting the Sciences of Light and Life Through the Arts For Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation."

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ZLI offers top-quality equipment through our shop. As a nonprofit, we offer products at comparable retail cost to our supporters.

Every purchase helps to fund grants within our mission, to improve the lives of animals and the health of our environments. All product acquisition through ZLI is accompanied by in-house support services, in accord with mission. All products are accompanied by in-house and manufacturer support services.

Remember, you can also donate a product to an individual, institution or organization of your choice. Such generosity supports our cause and wildlife conservation, by empowering people to help themselves through science.


ZLI Sustainable Design Grants

Kenneth A. Mitchell Extended Family Design Grants

ZLI seeks to encourage consideration of natural light, wildlife conservation and animal welfare to benefit people’s every day lives. Kenneth A. Mitchell, a generous actor and award winning landscape architect, provides a model for our recipients to put family first and accommodate life in their designs.

For 2020, this program will focus on giving twelve $120 grants to high school students in landscape and architectural design, at the outset of projects. The purpose is to align work and study with ZLI Campaigns, that each include attention to one animal class, one theme along with an international dialogue. At the completion of their work, students will have studied biodiversity accommodation, a community health safety and welfare related architectural issue, and international architectural examples (historical and contemporary) to further their sensitivity and understanding while giving focus to their careers.

Applications are accepted by providing information following these guidelines: ZLI SD Kenneth A Mitchell Extended Family Grant Application Guidance. The application deadline for this year’s cycle was 1 July 2020.

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for our next funding opportunity, or if you would like to help fund a research grant!

Research Grants

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