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ZLI's Save a Billion Birds™ Campaign supports research in the photobiology, sensory ecology and macro-ecology of birds, offering Send a Songbird™ programs to protect birds from major threats in our homes and communities.

Natural light is incredibly important to all life on the planet, and birds are no exception. Whether hunting on the fly, or migrating thousands of kilometers across the years, birds depend on natural light (both day and night) to survive. Save a Billion Birds™ reconnects our understanding of birds to light so that we might better care for these beautiful animals and protect the environments that depend upon them.

Save a Billion Birds™ stresses ‘borderless conservation’ in accord with ZLI’s diversity, engagement and inclusion mandate. We recognize that a migratory bird taken from the environment in the north (by window glass, habitat loss, pesticides or other factors), is taken from their southern homes. The science that informs bird photobiology also recognizes that the cultural and environmental importance of birds is international. We seek that communities act on the science we support and, to 'Send a Songbird' back to the rainforest. New research takes time, but there is an urgency to act now on the research that is already available. 

Save a Billion Birds™ began as an attempt to mitigate the most direct bird-killing substance: exposed window glass. At least 1 in 10 birds die by flying into bird-killing glass windows. One by one, the numbers add up to over an astounding one billion birds every single year. Save a Billion Birds™ believes that every single bird is important, and that no life should be taken without cause. Fixing bird-killing glass is an imperative, and can be achieved by any institution regardless of finances by responsible planning and action-based in science.

Read the recent press release from the campaign: "After the Pandemic: The Inter-Nationalist Wildlife Conservation Initiative".

Every person in every country, young or old, can help, if they wish to protect birds.

Help us fund the sciences of light and life to save animals and protect our environment!


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There are several ways you can support ZLI, the Save a Billion Birds™ Campaign, and its Send a Songbirdprograms

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Photo Sciences Research

Help ZLI fund and pursue research through scholarships, research programs, post-doctorates, research labs and endowed professorship.

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Film & Media

Help ZLI fund the upcoming documentaries Buildings & Borders, Golondrinas™, and Mejiro™, which raise the alarm that actions to protect birds from glass windows is urgent, and that necessary personal actions that come late, might be too late.

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Sustainable Design

Live sustainably with birds by supporting our wildlife-friendly design (master planning and facility re-design), participating in our sustainable fashion initiatives (proceeds go towards supporting avian research), as well as by investing in and purchasing sustainable products. 

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Explore the world of birds responsibly by signing up for one of ZLI's educational tours (re-starting in 2021), including Migration Tours and Birdwatching Excursions, and/or support our Send a Songbird programs.

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Supporting the Sciences of Light and Life Through the Arts For Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation.

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A group of birds can have many names, most commonly a flight (when flying) or a flock (when grounded). Did you know a group penguins can be called a colony or a huddle, while a group of parrots are called a company or a pandemonium,  and group of flamingoes are called a stand or a flamboyance? There is so much we can learn about and from birds. Join the Save a Billion Birds™ Campaign today to learn more!

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Become part of our global community of staff, advisors, interns and volunteers. Together, we can shape the future today!

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