Lighting Opportunities


Join ZLI's webinar on the relationship between light and animal life to advance each and every aspect of zoo missions.



Date & Time

30 September 2020, 09:00-10:30 (EDT / UTC-4)

Lighting Opportunities
Part III of ZLI's Zoos, Architecture & Light Webinar Series

Exemplary zoos operate under organizational mission guidance that links animal welfare, wildlife conservation, responsible public entertainment, education and research support. This three part webinar series coordinates a very specific topic, the relationship of light to animal life, to advance each and every aspect of zoo missions.

The Zoos, Architecture & Light Webinar Series is hosted by the Zoological Lighting Institute (ZLI), an international nonprofit organization. Dr. James Karl Fischer PhD RIBA, will provide a general overview of concepts, leading to the identification of practical action items falling under the specific U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), useful for outreach through demonstrable target based achievements important for fundraising.

This Introductory Series is useful for zoo and aquarium administrators, program leaders and staff as well as animal keepers. The perspectives and knowledge in each webinar are aimed at linking improved animal care and sensitivity to the biological roles that light plays, to community benefit and appreciation for zoo mission and worth as expressed by financial engagement. 

These actionable programs are based within ZLI’s Departmental Structure (PhotoSciences, Education, Film & Media, and Sustainable Design), and offer new network connections and funding streams for zoos in the C21. Attendees can either sign up individually, become members and attend at a reduced rate, or attend freely if employed by a ZLI Member Institution.

    Wednesday 30th September 2020
    09:00-10:30 (EDT)

    Speaker Name
    Dr. James Karl Fischer, PhD RIBA

    Dr. James Karl Fischer PhD RIBA is the Executive Director and founder of The Zoological Lighting Institute (ZLI), a charitable organization with dedication to: ‘Supporting the Sciences of Life and Light through the Arts for Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation.’ Dr Fischer is a past two term overseas council member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and two term President of the RIBA, US Region. A PhD Doctor of Philosophy, practicing architect and lighting designer with an undergraduate degree in physics, Dr. Fischer founded The Zoological Institute (ZLI) in 2010 with the understanding that convenient but non-physical ways of thinking about light hindered zoological animal husbandry and eviscerated the otherwise successful biodiversity-loss mitigation initiatives that zoos and aquariums pursued. Together with a team of scientists, artists and architects, Dr. Fischer’s work supports science,. Because animals and biodiversity are vital to so many aspects of human lives, Dr. Fischer aided ZLI in creating broad, inclusive and strategic ZLI Campaigns and Programs to address the vital role of light and life for community well-being and productivity.


    Webinar Topic
    Lighting Opportunities

    In the third and final webinar of this series, Lighting Opportunities, Dr. Fischer will outline actionable programs that individual zoos can take to increase institutional relevance, create new funding streams and enhance mission effectiveness.

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